On the Relevance of Painting and Other Thoughts (2020 – Ongoing)

On the Relevance of Painting and Other Thoughts is yet a sketch for an artistic-philosophical project on the questions around which place can painting occupy as a medium in the contemporary artistic practice. After fundamental questions regarding media, images, definition and communication, the attempt is done to explore the premises for painting to be relevant in the context of contemporary human life, which premises it’s currently built upon, and what perspectives and prospects are given for the medium. Why do I paint? What do I paint for? If two people paint the same image, in which regards is it the same image and in which regards is it not? If I paint from a photograph and could substract the painting from the photograph, what would be left? Can the limitations of what it’s possible to mediate through paintings, be formulated? Can everything that can be said, also be mediated through a painting? Is the single image painting more like a word, when compared to speech, or like a sentence? Are there non-symbolic languages? These and many more questions shall be answered through the work which will probably be released in late 2025 as an artist book and in an exhibition format


Early Painting Excerpts
Book Prototype and Early Theory-Sketches
Digital Exhibition Mockups
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