Developments (2011 – 2020)

Growing up in the 1990’s: Small town, East Germany, Post-GDR, not fitting in, not being made for this, having bad luck, smoking the most while tolerating the least – all that left it’s mark. In 2011, at the age of 21, I release myself from the psychiatric hospital against the doctors recommendation. “We’ll see each other again soon anyways”, he said with a grin. What sounds like a movie scene, did not feel like one – it wasn’t one. I think highly of him in that moment because I am psychotic. We’ll never meet again. I return, yes, but seven years later to get my patients file, because I’m working on this book: About the time after I left that hospital, when I lived back with my parents in the small town I grew up in, when there was nothing to do, where I was craving for something to obsess myself with, to somehow cope with this crushing condition which they called: paranoid schizophrenia. What I found was photography. Around 6 years later I get a ticket out of that town. The book tells the story inbetween; first and foremost he sad parts of which there were many.

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